“It’s like I never heard music before.”

“I didn’t know music could be like that.”

"Arguably one of the best concerts I've ever seen."

"Sometimes you come out of an event knowing that you will never experience anything even remotely similar."


Modesto Unplugged cultivates an intimate listening concert environment, bringing the freshest voices in acoustic music together with the most attentive and appreciative audiences. Quality original songwriting, unique styles and instrumentation from around the globe, and an up-close and interactive listening experience combine to create musical magic hard to find in the Central Valley.


Presenting music at two major venues:

The Dragonfly Art For Life, 1210 J St.
7:30-9:00 PM
$10 for music only
$15 for music + rock painting
$35 for music + canvas painting
Moon & Sixpence Music And Art House
500 9th St. between E & F
(next to El Sol restaurant and Stonehenge)

Saturday September 28 - 7 PM - $10

Night #3 of the Young Artist Series




Grand prize/Amazing Vox winner, Roosevelt J.H. talent show 2017

Grand prize winner, Davis H.S. talent show 2019
Grand prize winner, The Valley Talent Project 2019

Kalea will be joined by friends Jack Douglass on piano, and guest vocalists Makena Early, Simon Mize, Roxy Carbajal and Roland Carbajal for an evening of musical theatre and pop selections.

Saturday October 5 - 7:30 PM - $10


In an age of rising chaos and encroaching darkness, RAQIA seeks to create sanctuary and connection with the natural world through music. Weaving between structured compositions and open improvisation, this is music of and for the elements. The trio’s members come from musical backgrounds ranging from post-rock and black metal, to folk and chamber pop, Carnatic music and neoclassical.

Wednesday October 16 - 7:30 PM - $10


Mix three singer-songwriters, several stringed instruments, and a variety of percussive techniques, and you get Five Letter Word, blending their signature harmonies into songs from folk to bluegrass to blues and beyond. Recent winners of the 2018 Northwest String Summit Band Competition, Five Letter Word takes inspiration from the harmonic tradition of groups like the Wailin' Jennys, Dixie Chicks, and The Wood Brothers, and add their own special flair to create a sound that is "uniquely infectious” and a show that is “delightful, with a few unexpected twists.”

Sunday October 27 - 3 PM - $10


Our listening concerts are cash-only at the door, but seat reservations can be made at modestounplugged@yahoo.com or by calling 209-543-5306. Kids 12 and younger get in free. Doors open thirty minutes prior to showtime.

Whitherward is an Old English adverb that means “in which direction.” The word seems to invite an eternal question; it feels like the perfect fit for a duo that constantly seeks to reinvent itself in every aspect of its existence, always looking for the next impossible question to answer. Whitherward records Americana/indie-folk music compared to a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel, with influences of rock, folk, jazz, classical and singer/songwriter. Come hear the stories behind the songs, the music, and experience the life on the road…but knowest thou whitherward?

Friday September 20


Complicated Animals mix indie pop with Brazilian Bossa Nova, blended seamlessly into something airy and sweet with an unobtrusive Latin beat. Perfectly paced tempos and sweet vocals in both English and Portuguese make for a perfect marriage of North and South American cultures.

Friday September 27


Folk singer-songwriter Aireene Espiritu works in the elemental substance of vernacular American music with an uncanny ease. Her original compositions mix deft lyrical construction and classic form just as impressively.A mix of stompin', swayin', and timeless Americana accompanied by Latin/African rhythms, folk, bluegrass pickings and inspirations from gospel music.

Saturday November 2 - 7 PM - $20




Christine Fawson is an unforgettable talent, who mesmerizes audiences around the world with her sultry vocals and virtuosic control of the trumpet. Originating from Northern California, she forged a dominating path through jazz and commercial entertainment, and has sculpted the minds of aspiring artists for over 20 years.

Courtney Burroughs (Coco Rose Music) recently returned to the area after a few years in SoCal, and last appeared on our stage during the Artist Open Studio weekend when she wowed with her folky-jazz style (and even a stunning gospel number.) She'll be performing music from her album '70% Coco(a)', accompanied by Yohan Partan on guitar.

Friday October 4


A ukulele ensemble with snazzy vocal harmonies, complex chording, and catchy rhythms enriched with bass and guitar. An extensive repertoire which includes rock ‘n’ roll, British Invasion, rockabilly, folk tunes, American Songbook classics and show tunes.

Friday October 11

Young Artist Showcase #4:


Eva Cluff is an alum of the Sims Vocal Studio run by Modesto Unplugged member Lisette Sims. Eva has appeared in Turlock Youth Performing Arts stage musicals including Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Jungle Book, and Bring It On; and in the starring role in YES Kids' 'Annie.' She also composes her own music on the ukulele, including a gorgeous song she recently co-wrote with Lisette.

Friday October 18


Eli Cook is a triple threat of a musician with fingers of gold on the guitar and a grit-filled voice that whispers, screams and seduces with powerful songs. Blending the influences of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Fred MacDowell, Bukka White and Lightning Hopkins with the likes of Clutch, Soundgarden, C.O.C, and Rage Against The Machine, he forged a fresh sound, alive with the southern blues tradition. The All Music Guide proclaimed that Eli could be “the best blues singer of his generation.”

Friday November 1


Amber Cross makes music as beholden to the landscapes of Northern and Pacific California, where she lives and travels, as to the visually-rich songwriting she crafts around it. Her songs hang heavy with the yellow dust of dirt roads, plunge deep into the soft loam of the forest. Cross is creating her world by hand, working her songs until they shine with a worn polish, finding truth in tradition.

Friday November 15


Hannah Jane Kile is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, & composer who often draws comparisons to her heroes, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Norah Jones, & Sara Bareilles. Hannah s radiantly fluent in the universal language of song, and has the gift of making seriously beautiful music with effortless grace. Her voice soaring from an earthy blues swagger to an ethereal heart-rending whisper, like a lullaby in a storm, she packs an emotional wallop.

Sunday October 13 - 3 PM - $10


Leah Shoshanah's style draws influence from rock, folk, samba and jazz. As of spring 2019, she’s spent the past six months exploring 70s funk, indie-pop and come round again to the unpolished sound of her acoustic guitar. She looks forward to excavating the sounds that authentically represent her experience being alive in these exhilarating and terrifying times.